Availability assessment

Identify and mitigate your availability risks

Creating a highly available IT system involves more than just being able to recover from system outages. You need to know not only what your potential outage risks are, but also the specific causes of your outages and what you can do to help mitigate them.

IBM Resiliency Consulting Services - assessment - availability assessment can help you identify and mitigate areas of availability risk and understand the underlying cause of outages. We then recommend improvements to help you ensure the continuity of your business.



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Service details

Creating a highly available IT system means taking steps to prevent outages and mitigate potential risks. Yet availability management as a practice has become more reactive. The causes of an outage are often misunderstood, resulting in missed opportunities to proactively identify them. IT organizations often need help understanding the capacity to achieve availability requirements as well as identifying areas of potential availability risk, including risks associated with:

IBM Resiliency Consulting Services - assessment - availability assessment leverages a methodology-driven approach to help you understand the root causes of your outages, the robustness of your IT availability architecture and the strength of your supporting availability management processes. We work with you to identify areas of availability risks-including unplanned outages-and assess risk levels before recommending approaches to improving your business continuity. We also provide you with best practice analysis, supplying you with suggestions for proactive measures you can take to enhance system availability. Furthermore, we help instill confidence in your availability solution by providing a comprehensive third-party review by specialists.

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