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Take advantage of IBM's integrated approach for your ERP application management

SAP is a strategic business tool that is designed to fundamentally improve how your business processes operate. IBM understands that our client's SAP applications are business-critical and comprise a key component of your company's application strategy.

As a global SAP hosting provider, IBM also understands that many dependencies can exist when deploying a robust SAP application environment. Not only are the data center facilities costly to build, continuously upgrade and maintain; the technical resources needed to run the application environment can be quite expensive to attract and retain as well. In addition to these increasing technological complexities and investments, many companies are also facing a growing number of compliance- and certification-related requirements, further draining resources and requiring even more capital to maintain a responsive application environment.



The IBM Application Services for mySAP Business Solutions are based on our long-standing alliance with SAP and our history of leadership in the managed hosting market. Highlights of our SAP experience include:

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