IBM and Schneider Electric

Resilient, energy-efficient and cost effective solutions for today's enterprise environments.

The alliance combines Schneider Electric's global leadership in energy management and automation solutions with the comprehensive services capabilities of IBM. Together, we deliver resilient, energy-efficient and cost effective solutions that support today's enterprise environments.

Case Studies

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An advanced genomics research facility expanded the limits of its current data center with an IBM Prefabricated Modular Data Center.


Data Center Services

IBM provides the end-to-end project management expertise while working with a client to ensure their business, technical, and financial goals for a turnkey data center solution are met. Together with Schneider Electric, we provide customers with the tools required for ongoing energy reduction, creating high return on investment and improved business results.

Smart Surveillance

IBM offers industry leading server, storage and networking infrastructure and services to transport, store and achieve critical video. Combined with Schneider Electric's industry leading Video Security Solution that is set for dynamic and demanding environments, customers can expect to get video analytics, architecture and design, video security products and expertise, deployment and maintenance services.

IBM Resiliency Center

The IBM Resiliency Center at North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park provides state-of-the-art business continuity capabilities that include both cloud and traditional disaster recovery and world-class security features. The site highlights and showcases IBM and partner innovation and differentiation.


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Prefabricated modular data center—add data center capacity where and when you need it

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