Motorola Solutions

Increase productivity, profitability and competitive value through our partnership with Motorola.


IBM and Motorola's strategic global partnership builds on the two companies' established 25-year history of jointly developing and implementing end-to-end customer solutions.

As global leaders in technology, enterprise mobility and wireless infrastructure, we offer solutions that include: mobile computing, advanced wireless and data collection technologies, software, integration, support and financial services, leveraging both companies' industry expertise to help our customers increase productivity, profitability and competitive value.

Through our partnership, we can help our clients achieve quantifiable ROI as well as significant cost efficiencies by leveraging existing and emerging technologies as well as the partners' collaborative track record and industry acknowledged leadership positions.

Our global relationship allows you to meet the growing demand for mobile connectivity with secure and resilient wireless networking solutions that deliver virtually anytime, anywhere communications, especially in a cloud computing environment. Together, we are unmatched in putting real-time information, through seamless connectivity, securely in the hands of your users, customers and partners.

Motorola solutions can help capture, connect, communicate and control information - extending coverage into areas previously beyond reach. The result? Motorola helps to empower the individual as it transforms the enterprise, enabling decision-making closest to the point of business impact.


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