Gain a competitive edge with high-value PC-related solutions and
services through our partnership with Lenovo

Through their strategic global partnership, IBM and Lenovo combine the overall strength and leadership of IBM's Global Technology Services End User and Data Security Services with the operational excellence and go-to-market leadership of Lenovo, to bring high-value, PC related solutions and services to clients.

As a global leader in the PC market, Lenovo develops, manufactures, and markets cutting-edge, reliable, high-quality PC products that provide clients around the world with smarter ways to be productive and competitive. IBM is a world leader in end user services, with the depth and breadth of resources that allows us to directly support nearly 4,000,000 end user devices. IBM Data Security Services can help you cost-effectively identify and protect your organization's critical data from internal and external threats.

Together, IBM and Lenovo have developed and implemented solutions which address PC security, custom kiosk, digital signage, emissions testing and field force automation, helping to lower costs for our clients through world-class end-to-end PC lifecycle support.