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Reduce transformation and operational costs, minimize risk, and maximize stakeholder commitment. Achieve and sustain major transformational change for your organization

Today's CEOs recognize the profound need to innovate in order to drive fundamental organizational change. CEOs must personally orchestrate innovation, establishing conditions that ignite ideas and drive their execution.

Managing transformation, creating a vision of collaboration, major process changes, innovating technologies, implementing structures and networks, and establishing a participatory culture... these are all services that support your business in successfully achieving and sustaining major organizational change.

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Service details

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The organizational change strategy practice is a global business with 80% of practitioners concentrated in 10 countries supported by our global delivery model. And IBM's Strategy and Change consulting practice is a recognized market leader with the largest integrated global consulting practice and a leader in making innovation happen.

Organizational change strategy services provide the human focus that helps enable these benefits through managing all aspects required for achieving sustainable change.

Our consultants have demonstrated experience creating value for clients and serving as trusted business advisors. And we can bring value to your organization through the unmatched worldwide capabilities, relationships and research of IBM.

With nearly 3,500 strategy professionals worldwide, the IBM strategy and change practice is part of IBM Global Business Services, one of the worlds leading management consulting practices. Working across all major sectors, IBM has inherent business expertise across more than a dozen industries. This includes communications, distribution, financial services, and the industrial and public sectors. Our consultants have demonstrated experience creating value for clients and serving as trusted business advisors to our clients worldwide.

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