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Today, companies often struggle with gaining the insight they need to make critical business decisions quickly, accurately, and effectively. Information issues often manifest in real challenges, such as too much information, multiple versions of information, lack of trusted information and an inability to apply existing information to business decisions.

Information on Demand (IOD) is IBM's approach to address this need. IOD is our overarching approach and value proposition for optimizing the use of information and insight for large, complex enterprises. IOD provides solutions and services that allow our clients to get more value from their information assets. Our consultants accomplish this goal by delivering information in context to optimize business processes, productivity, and decision-making throughout the enterprise.

To effectively compete in today's dynamic and challenging global economy, companies throughout the world recognize, like never before, the value of their information assets. Yet these companies continue to struggle with understanding how best to leverage, and get the most value from this information. In planning for IOD, an Information Agenda provides the response to this challenge by outlining an approach and best practices for developing a purposeful vision, strategy and roadmap to achieve operational and business goals by becoming an Information Enabled Enterprise.

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IBM can deliver globally with unmatched reach, expertise, and depth of resources. IBM brings together the global expertise, services, software, hardware, research, and partner network to solve the most important and complex information intensive issues for our clients.

IBM provides a holistic approach, proven methodologies, dedicated IOD Centers of Excellence and Research, best practices, an extensive partner network, and flexible delivery models for maximum business advantage.

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