IBM Real-Time Analytics Matching Platform (RAMP)

Boost revenue growth, increase cross/up sales and enhance call center statistics

Retaining customers, growing revenue and increasing efficiency are the top priorities for today's call centers. With the price of customer acquisition at an all time high, maintaining, expanding and increasing the profitability of existing customer relationships is critical.

The IBM Real-Time Analytics Matching Platform (RAMP) offering utilizes sophisticated applied analytics and patented call routing processes to successfully match customers and customer service representatives (CSRs) for a more productive conversation and outcome. A call handling approach similar to skills based routing (SBR), RAMP focuses on previously unexplored caller and CSR attributes to increase operational efficiency and revenue, and reduce attrition.

RAMP technology leverages patented call routing processes and predicted availability algorithms to deliver a caller to the right agent, even if that CSR is currently engaged with another customer. In addition, RAMP's components are designed to easily integrate into the current IVR and CTI environment, and flexible modeling tools are employed so that attributes can be quickly added or removed.

Business challenges



The RAMP offerings directly addresses organizations' most pressing contact center challenges:

Service detail

Service details


RAMP is available today through IBM Business Analytics and Optimization (BAO) Services. The platform leverages IBM's deep expertise in analytics and customer insight technologies. It joins a growing portfolio of analytics-based assets focused on helping clients make better decisions. RAMP is currently available for customer contact centric industries including financial services, telecommunications and cable.

"We're seeing an increasing need to use all available data to find new levels of customer insight and service," said Michael Schroeck, IBM Global Business Services®. "RAMP applies advanced analytics, leveraging both customer and agent information, that results in a better customer experience and increased satisfaction. At the same time, the agents have a more fulfilling customer interaction and the business benefits through enhanced performance and profitability."

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