IBM Business Analytics and Optimization Jumpstart

Share information across the organization easily and cost effectively
and capitalize on insights from diverse information sources.

The amount, variety, and granularity of information, structured and unstructured, as well as traditional and new, has been increasing exponentially. Advances in business process management, business rules management and information management has created opportunities for organizations to break away from their peers and achieve better sustainable performance.

The IBM Business Analytics and Optimization (BAO) Jumpstart Solution employs a diagnostic-based approach that considers your operations and IT strategies. It provides an assessment of your current situation, opportunities and change readiness, resulting in a realistic, executable plan for insights into the organizational culture pertaining to forecasting, predictions, efficiency and collaboration.

Business challenges


IBM brings together an unmatched combination of skills and experience, including unrivaled breadth of deep foundational business intelligence, performance management and advanced analytics capabilities, including world class software solutions and IBM Research.

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