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Over the years, your organization has spent considerable resources increasing the value of your business applications. Yet while these applications-along with the information and functionality they contain-are invaluable to your business, they may be out-dated, expensive to manage or inefficient. Rather than investing in new packaged applications, organizations are looking to improve the structure, reusability, flexibility and performance of existing business applications. Traditional methods for modernizing these applications, such as rewriting or replacing existing applications, can be expensive and problematic because you risk losing the intellectual capital you have developed over the years that is buried deep in your systems.

IBM offers proven approaches that help you align legacy applications with business processes and avoid the time and cost associated with new packaged applications. IBM applies extensive industry and technology expertise to help update your legacy applications into a set of flexible, streamlined applications and processes.

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IBM's industry expertise and global investment in technology skills provide a foundation for leadership in application design, development, implementation, integration and management. Our in-depth understanding of business processes and information technology uniquely qualifies us to work with clients who wish to leverage industry best practices in application lifecycle management and allow them to focus on their core businesses.

As a leading global provider of consulting, systems integration and application services, IBM has unrivaled experience optimizing application investments and aligning them to business requirements. Our team of more than 90,000 Application Services consultants located around the world can assemble industry and technology expertise and utilize proven methodology, research innovation, and technology accelerators to help you reduce cost and risk while improving business value from applications.

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