Business and IT strategy for midsize companies

Assess the health of your business and chart a roadmap to
industry best practice

The world is changing quickly and your business needs to change with it to remain competitive. But creating a strategy for change and implementing it are easier said than done. Informed decision-making is critical. IBM’s strategy and change solutions are designed to help you determine where you are, where you want to go, and how to better leverage the resources you have — people and technology — to get there. Developed specifically for midsize companies, these short, highly focused projects allow you to build a strategy and move quickly to execution of a plan.

Business and technology assessments

IBM assessments can quickly diagnose your current operational strategies, technical assets and business processes, identify areas for improvement, and provide you with actionable roadmaps based on different business scenarios. Among the critical areas covered are:

Business strategy and IT alignment

Midsize companies can now leverage IBM for quick, short-term consulting assessments to chart a growth path. Some of the high-value assessments which midsize organizations have found very valuable are Business Analytics and Optimization (BAO) Jumpstart, Strategic Profit Improvement, and IT Strategy and Performance Assessment.

Explore possibilities for your organization with BAO Jumpstart (PDF, 731KB), Strategic Profit Improvement (PDF, 392KB), and IT Strategy and Performance Assessment (PDF, 428KB).

Enterprise applications

IBM Enterprise Applications Healthcheck is a services solution that can help you use your existing ERP system to identify and realize additional opportunities to reduce operating costs, such as purchasing spending, indirect labor costs, and system support costs. The IBM Enterprise Applications Healthcheck also helps you identify areas for the reduction of working capital requirements such as cash and inventory. It can also focus your improvements on customer service by finding opportunities to reduce cycle times and increase service levels. Overall, an IBM Enterprise Applications Healthcheck can be the basis of a strategy that is designed to increase your company’s operational effectiveness.

Examine how these healthchecks can be useful for your organization, with our customized approach for SAP Value Assessment (PDF, 406KB), and Oracle Healthcheck (PDF, 388KB).

Supply chain processes

The IBM Supply Chain Rapid ROI engagement can help you define the two to three best ways to drive rapid cost savings given your operational and supply chain challenges. Using our methods, analytical tools and deep Supply Chain Management subject matter expertise, we help you accelerate your path to benefits realization through:

Explore rapid ROI opportunities with our Supply Chain Rapid ROI (PDF, 244KB).

Gain end-to-end supply chain insight for efficiency and growth with our new Supply Chain Visibility Assessment (PDF, 586KB).

Why IBM?

IBM has vast experience working with organizations of all sizes in almost every industry. Our consultants have seen good and bad business practices, and are skilled in the objective analysis of operations and in helping midsize companies plot a roadmap to best practices.