Application management and outsourcing for midsize companies

Reduce the time and costs required to maintain enterprise or business applications

One of the biggest drains on IT budgets and resources in midsize companies is keeping existing systems and business applications up and running at maximum performance. Companies are constantly stretching capacity and functionality, which means resources are continually focused on maintenance rather than developing the innovative systems to support business strategies, provide better customer service and streamline operations.

To help our clients address this ongoing challenge, IBM offers a full spectrum of on-site, onshore and offshore services that are designed to offload non-core work, supply needed skills and focus your resources on maximizing the business value of your applications.

Application services

IBM application services for midsize companies include staff augmentation, testing, design-build-manage and application modernization - all of which can help you:

IBM Application Management Services Express Solutions

Outsourcing application management results in lower application maintenance costs and better return on ERP investments, while also improving service levels and reducing risk. IBM Application Management Services Express is a new, affordable solution created especially for midsize businesses to support IBM Express ERP solutions.

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Why IBM?

With our proven application experience, worldwide presence, deep industry knowledge and extensive ecosystem of business partners, IBM is the "one-source" vendor that can address all of your application management and outsourcing needs. And we'll work with you to identify the services that are right for your business goals and objectives.