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Increase productivity and customer satisfaction, and reduce time-to-market, defects and development costs

Do any of these project barriers sound familiar? Insufficient and unqualified resources, misunderstood requirements, rigorous lifecycle process delays, RFI/RFP processes, and a lack of executive business and IT support. The IBM Accelerated Solution Delivery Model (ASD) demonstrates merit by driving weeks and months out of traditional project delivery cycles for time critical business initiatives that have a large ROI.

Accelerated Solution Delivery Services (ASD) is the modern movement around revolutionizing software development based on optimized best practices that have been relevant for many years through rapid or spiral development approaches. The Agile Manifesto was published in 2001 and there are multiple methods that have become very popular since that time. Implementing the ASD model involves people, processes and technology. agile, scalable processes and work products, accelerator usage tracked with project metrics, standard development platforms and tools, collaboration tools, and dedicated teams supported by specialists are all critical factors that can optimize solution delivery success for your time critical initiatives.

Key ASD components that remove or reduce time to market barriers includes the right skills at the right time in the right ratio; facilitated sessions and co-location of business and IT; organization focused only on project delivery using all known best practices; proactive versus reactive mindset; and iterative and incremental project, release and program delivery.

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IBM began implementing agile best practices with outstanding results with our Accelerated Solution Delivery (ASD) model three years before "The Agile Manifesto" was published. Since 1998, we have had a dedicated initiative focused on the optimization and continuous improvement of ASD through engagements with our clients and the evolution of agile external to IBM. Our results have been outstanding. When we have had an opportunity to measure against a distinct baseline of past performance, we have been able to substantially reduce time-to-market of better quality solutions. IBM has also been successful in leveraging IBM Global Delivery Centers in India and Brazil to further reduce costs on Accelerated Solution Delivery projects.

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