The Business Impact of Outsourcing

How can outsourcing turn bottom line savings into topline growth?
Smarter sourcing for better business performance (642KB)

It's high time to elevate the discussion and put the financial impact of outsourcing in real business terms—earnings, income and expenses

An innovative new study from IBM Research explains the business impact of outsourcing in financial terms that can facilitate future decisions for business and IT executives while satisfying shareholder demands for better return on investment. The study demonstrates how outsourcing affects companies' bottom-line performance in ways that go beyond traditional cost-cutting by honing in on key financial metrics that matter to the business: Selling, General and Administrative (SG&A) expenses, Earnings Before Taxes (EBT), Return on Assets (ROA) and Operating Income.

The implications for today's economy-weary business and IT executives are clear. As these company chiefs look to spearhead their organizations' return to growth, outsourcing should be front and center on the strategic agenda. No longer just a vehicle for cost savings and operational efficiency, top companies are tapping into outsourcing to fuel their business performance, and especially their profitability.

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