Working beyond Borders

Insights from the 2010 IBM Global CHRO Study

Unleashing creativity, flexibility and speed

Emerging from the global economic slowdown, the attention of many organizations is turning to growth. But in today's hyper-competitive global marketplace, opportunities are often fleeting and elusive. How can companies build, allocate and deploy their workforces to capitalize on opportunities wherever and whenever they arise?

To find out, we surveyed more than 700 Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) in 61 countries around the world, from companies large to small, and in both mature and growth markets. From in-depth conversations with hundreds of HR leaders, we found that numerous boundaries are restricting the ability of organizations to effectively match resources with opportunities. CHROs told us key gaps exist in the ability of their companies to develop future leaders, rapidly develop workforce skills and capabilities, and effectively collaborate and share knowledge.

To learn how outperforming organizations are closing these gaps and how to prepare your own workforce for an increasingly borderless world, get your copy of the 2010 IBM Global CHRO Study or explore other content related to the study.