Capitalizing on Complexity

Insights from the 2010 IBM Global CEO Study
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CEO challenges, lessons learned as organizational leaders

How are today's CEOs leading? See for yourself. The videos below feature CEOs from companies around the globe (Amgen, Banco Galicia, Energy Australia, Getinge, Kao Corporation) discussing their challenges and lessons learned as leaders.

Hear in their own words how they approach leadership challenges such as innovation, meeting customer requirements, balancing public and private concerns, global versus local requirements, product development, and motivating your organization to drive your leadership agenda.

Kevin Sharer

Kevin Sharer
CEO, Amgen

Let Your Product Lead You to
New Markets

Navigating The Public-Private Interface

Managing Complexity


Plug In to the Innovation Network

Define a Unified Set of Leadership Behaviors

Make Sure What You Want to Happen
Actually Happens

Kevin Sharer

Daniel Llambias
CEO, Banco de Galicia y
Buenos Aires S.A.

Structure Your Business to Adapt Quickly

Adapting to the New Economic

One Authoritative Voice


Leverage Strategic Alliances to
Improve Customer Service

Leading Your Organization Through

Rebuilding Trust with Your Customers

George Maltabarow

George Maltabarow
CEO, Energy Australia

Meeting the Expectations of a
Multi-Generational Work Force

You Need Dedicated Groups to Drive

Persistence and Leadership Overcome
Change Resistors


Regulatory Changes Require a Sound

Successful Change Initiatives Require
Internal Buy-in

Utilizing International Networks to
Broaden Enterprise Perspective

Andrew G. Ray

Andrew G. Ray
CEO, Getinge USA

Act Globally But Respect Local Markets

Achieving Profitability In Regulated

Align Strategy and Structure to Meet
Your Customers' Requirements


Leveraging Networks to Change the
Competitive Landscape

Demonstrate Leadership for the
Long Term

How Individuals Can Contribute
to Growth

Motoki Ozaki

Motoki Ozaki
CEO, Kao Corporation

R&D In Emerging Economies

Balancing Privately Driven Initiatives
With Public Concerns

Use Formal Research To Successfully
Understand Your Consumers

Encourage Employees To Embrace
Corporate Strategy

Open Communication Facilitates


Successful Leaders Anticipate The Future

Implementing A Leader's Vision

Find Examples To Reinforce Your Message

Share Customers' Excitement With Your Team