Inheriting a complex world

Future leaders envision sharing the planet

Based on what they say today, what will future leaders do
differently from today’s CEOs?

Given the complex world future leaders will inherit, how do the views of today's students and CEOs compare in regard to the role of business leadership? According to a new global study of more than 3,600 students in college and graduate schools, the future leaders already have some distinct ideas based on their values about globalization and sustainability.

This year, for the first time, we conducted a Global Student Study in conjunction with the Global CEO Study. Side by side, these two reports provide a view of leadership from different generations, and a glimpse of what leadership may look like in the future.

Students' perceptions have been profoundly shaped by the digital and interconnected world of their school years. What is the impact of those experiences? Given the world they inherited from previous generations, what do today's students believe about the role of public and private organizations? Most importantly, when they become leaders themselves, what are they likely to do differently?