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Accelerating growth through Front Office Transformation

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The emergence of social, mobile, big data & analytics and cloud is fundamentally changing how we live, work and interact. These digital forces reset customers’ expectations, requiring enterprises to rethink the end-to-end customer experience, and are fueling an explosion of data—a new economic asset that has become the basis of significant opportunity. As a result...


Leaders are redefining agendas and reprioritizing investments to accelerate growth:

image map 73% of CEOs are prioritizing investments in customer insights 82% of CMOs plan to increase the use of social media 70% of COOs identify supply chain visibility as the top challenge in delivering on their agenda 74% of CIOs say mobile solutions are part of their vision for increasing competitiveness


This transformation requires the activation of a digital front office that is enabled by a globally integrated enterprise:


Digital front office - Reimagining everything about the way people connect, transact and engage with companies, institutions and governments - and how the create mutual value.  Globally integrated enterprise - Transforming the organization for efficiency, effectiveness and to enable new growth.


Develop a customer-driven strategy

Leverage digital, mobile and social insights to spot growth opportunities and new paths to value

Cultivate customer insights

Create tools and techniques to dynamically understand needs and apply personalization

Build systems of engagement

Orchestrate continuous customer interactions to optimize engagements and build advocacy


Deliver compelling customer experiences that create new pathways for revenue growth


Optimize operations globally

Reinvent processes and integrate functions, removing complexity and uncovering new efficiencies

Activate information and analytics

Improve business performance across all functions with data-driven

Accelerate organizational agility

Infuse speed, flexibility and collaborative behavior into the organization to capitalize on market opportunities


Combine global efficiencies with responsiveness to changing market needs

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