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Making Data Fashionable

Social media has monumentally changed the relationship between the fashion industry and its consumers. See why data is the key to increasing customer engagement and advocacy in the industry.

IBM Global C-suite Study

Is the next Uber coming your way? CxOs are on high alert for competitors coming out of nowhere. Prepare for disruption— read the Global C-suite study.

Are you ready to wear the future?

We have now entered an age where the internet of things, the quantified self and wearable tech is transforming the way we view design, digital and how we develop net new inventions for our customers.

Mobile app: Design to succeed or designed to fail

The mobile ecosystem is constantly evolving to satisfy users' demands for fast, attractive, effective mobile applications and experiences. Learn the three reasons why design matters, how to attack design hurdles and put your users first for the win.

Reinventing The Wheel

As mobility shifts from ownership to usership, IBM iX Auto delivers intelligently designed experiences for the customer journey. Get behind the wheel with IBM Watson on a virtual drive that outsmarts the road ahead.

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