Integrated Workplace Management

Optimizing the value of your Real Estate portfolio, and improve
occupant satisfaction levels through improved Visibility,
Automation and Control.

Business Challenges

Today's world-wide economic environment has highlighted the importance of properly managing every business asset, including your real estate and facilities portfolio. More building asset data exists today than ever before, and today’s analytics can turn that data into information that will improve the quality of management decisions, and can even automate the decision making process, improving Real Estate asset value. Leading companies require their Real Estate to be managed efficiently and effectively to reduce total lifecycle operating costs and process complexity. These organizations are conscious of the need for a solution that overcomes the challenges of:

IBM’s Point of View - Imagine being able to use the data you already have to reduce your operating costs by as much as 10% through the application of advanced analytics and process automation.

With decades of thought leadership relating to the optimization of Real Estate portfolios, deep process knowledge and industry-specific expertise, IBM Global Business Services offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that accelerate the transformation of your Real Estate organization, enabling better informed decision making, process automation and improved occupant satisfaction.

IBM helps clients improve utilization of facilities, better manage lease transactions and accounting impacts and achieve energy and environmental goals to improve financial, operational and environmental performance. We do this by transforming the five key business functions of Real Estate Management, Capital Project Management, Space and Occupancy Management, Maintenance and Operations Management and Energy and Environmental Management, to optimize the way these often disparate groups work together through shared data, organizational learning and integrated process automation.

IBM’s services deliver value throughout the entire transformation process from strategic planning to technology implementation, with continuing support over the long-term support, by tying an organization's day-to-day business operations to its strategic business objectives, and by using technology to enable decisions optimization and improved portfolio value.

In today’s dynamic business environment it’s critical to have a technology partner that can lead you to the best solution for your organization. Whether you need a simple solution, Mobile solutions, or Big Data with Advanced Analytics - or On-Premise or Cloud solutions - IBM’s services teams have the knowledge and experience to create a solution that meets your specific needs, and leverages the latest advances in technologies to assure that your solution performs as well as your Real Estate does.


IBM Global Business Services delivers exceptional service and proven best practices that have helped companies to:

University reduces cooling and heating requirements and finds inefficiencies in equipment operation that result in energy waste.

Services We Offer

IBM Global Business Services is committed to providing our global customer community with a wide range of services that address the specific needs of your organization and help you get the most out of your Real Estate portfolio in a high quality, cost-effective and timely manner. The services include Strategic Assessment and Planning, Process Re-engineering Assessment, System Architecture Design, Strategic Planning, Implementation Services, Technical Services and Forevergreen Managed Services. Each of IBM’s service offerings is specifically designed to create a tie between your strategic objectives and your operational practices, resulting in improved Visibility, Automated Business Processes, and ultimately better Control of your business, leading to improved Real Estate value.

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