IBM Smarter Asset Management

Optimizing your Return on Assets through improved reliability
by enhancing your Visibility, Automation and Control.

Business challenges

Smart organizations know they can no longer afford to see maintenance as just an expense. Used wisely, it provides essential support to sustain productivity and fuel growth while driving down unneeded and unforeseen overall expenses. Effective Smarter Asset Management aims to do the following:

In today’s competitive environment, all of these are strategic necessities to remain in business; the challenge is how to best meet them. In many companies, you have to start at the beginning- put the basics in place- before your attempts to achieve excellence and to optimize decisions will be successful. The ultimate aim is to attain a high degree of control over your maintenance decisions. Companies are doing this through increased Visibility, Automation and Control.

IBM provides Smarter Asset Management solutions with end-to-end processes, technology and consulting services to increase a company's Visibility, Automation and Control that will significantly enhance the ability to manage and utilize physical assets across the lifecycle and global enterprise

Visibility is the ability for a company to see and understand the state of its assets in real time. IBM helps clients do this by utilizing Key Performance Indicators, Dashboards and Advanced analytics to:

Automation creates the ability for a company to standardize on best practices and drive a globally integrated environment that positions companies to achieve desired business outcomes. IBM helps clients do this by

Control provides the company with the ability to execute with reduced risk and cost by leveraging the visibility and automation outcomes of our solutions. This allows a company to be able to answer questions like:

IBM has helped clients answer questions like these and many more. Our innovative approach and thought leadership in Asset Management has allowed us to effectively combine our people, processes and technology into compelling solutions for our clients.


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IBM Global Business Services is committed to providing our global customer community with a wide range of services that address the specific needs of your organization and help you get the most out of your assets with a comprehensive portfolio created under the premise of improving the key Asset Management attributes of Visibility, Automation and Control:

Asset Management - Automation: Forevergreen Services; Predictive Asset Optimization. Visibility: Maximo Services; Asset Optimization Assesment; Smarter Lifecycle Asset Management. Control: Tririga services; Maximo services; Emptoris.

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