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Digital operations goes beyond supply chain optimization, unleashing entirely new IoT-enabled business models fueled by mobility, cloud and analytical insight harvested from a global network of instrumented, interconnected and intelligent people and things.

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What is the IoT?

Instrumented. Interconnected. Intelligent.

IoT is the rapidly growing practice of enhancing existing information systems/technology with the ability to gather insight from a broader range of sources to more effectively and efficiently market, produce and deliver goods and services, in a seamless, disruptive way.

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How does IoT apply to today's environment?

New applications for existing products.

IBM Big Data and Cloud, coupled with information from an instrumented ecosystem, drive insight into end use of existing products while opening up possibilities for new products and applications of technology — enabled by greater customer intimacy and real time system feedback. Growth is realized by expanding the value network and innovation of new product and service offerings.

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What value does IoT bring to my enterprise operations?

Unique value for every industry.

Harnessing the Internet of Things helps redefine business models within and across industry verticals, unlocking new levels of business insight, product and service innovation and operational process efficiency.

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Getting started with IoT

How do I harness the power of an IoT enabled value chain?

IBM utilizes its strategic services and market intelligence, presence, partnerships and ecosystem and its relevance in the IoT domain to structure with you the most effective architecture and roadmap for your success.

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Leveraging IoT investments

How can IBM help me utilize existing investment in devices and infrastructure to claim IoT enablement?

IBM uses its Cloud platform and Software Services to interpolate the data and deploy the data to mobile devices and across the enterprise.

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Ascertaining the art of the possible

How do I ascertain the art of the possible as it relates to the data I have collected?

IBM uses its Apple and Twitter Partnerships as well as the broader ecosystem to enrich the data to provide actionable insight.

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Building actionable insight from the IoT investment

How do I build an organization to best support the need for these skills and capabilities?

IBM can help create or provide captive centers as a service along with algorithm development and dedicated staff with rich supply chain experience to support your enterprise.

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Delivering business value with IoT

How do I utilize IBM to support me during cyclical demands and campaigns when my existing infrastructure is overwhelmed?

You can utilize IBM capabilities and services through our IoT Foundation, IBM's Advanced Analytics Innovation Centers and our captive supply chain offerings. These centers/offerings offer on-site, on-demand, on-shore, near-shore and off-shore capabilities so that IBM can construct configurable teams aligned with client requirements.

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Digital Operations Consulting Services overview

Sample offering list

  • Smarter Appliance
  • Connected Vehicle
  • Instrumented Value Chain
  • IBM SAP in the Cloud™
  • Maximize Quality Throughput
  • Smarter Energy
  • Connected Healthcare
  • Digital Hospital of the Future


  • Predictive Analytics Platform
  • Transparent Supply Chain
  • Predictive Asset Optimization
  • Mobile Acceleration
  • Smarter Process™
  • IoT Value Chain Analysis
  • Risk / Vulnerability Management


  • Captive IoT and Analytics Centers
  • Digital Operations As a Service
  • Consult-to-Operate
  • IBM Research and Development
  • Globally Instrumented Enterprise (GIE)
  • IBM and Apple Partnership
  • IBM and Twitter Partnership
  • IoT Ecosystem Partnerships