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MoneyGram International has stopped more than US$37.7 million in fraud through its Global Compliance system

MoneyGram International

“We are able to detect and respond to fraud far faster than before to protect our consumers as well as our global network of agents. We must remain ever vigilant in the face of more sophisticated financial fraudsters.”
—Ted Bridenstine, Systems Development Manager,
MoneyGram International

Through its new Smarter counter fraud initiative, IBM is helping public and private organizations use Big Data and Analytics to address the $3.5 trillion' lost to fraud and financial crimes.

Countering Fraud in a Big Data World. IBM Big Data and Analytics Help Stop Fraudsters in the Their Tracks.

How Infinity Sniffs Out Insurance Fraud

Infinity uses predictive analytics technology provided by IBM to spot potentially fraudulent claims and speed the payment of legitimate ones. Infinity’s experience illustrates the value of using data analytics to transform the way a company does business.

Smarter Enterprises - Catching Counterfeits and Fraud with Big Data and Analytics

Counter Fraud and Financial Crimes Services

Customer demand and the pervasiveness of cloud, social and mobile technologies has made it easier for everyone to engage. However, those same conveniences have opened new gateways for criminals to exploit the inadequacies of departmental fraud management approaches. Through sophisticated business expertise and analytics, organizations can take a holistic approach to address the financial losses caused by fraud while protecting the value of their brands.

IBM is unique in its ability to combine market-leading software, services and research capabilities to address the full spectrum of fraud and financial crimes – from tax evasion, money laundering and cyber-attacks to threats from inside the organization. Building on our 20 year history of helping customers reduce fraud, IBM Global Business Services has a portfolio of Counter Fraud offerings designed to help clients elevate their fraud agenda from the department to the boardroom, act with insights and confidence and adapt with agility to reduce fraud and protect their brand.

Counter fraud service offerings combine IBM’s consulting, software and technology expertise to help clients improve their counter fraud programs, including:

With these counter fraud offerings, IBM can help clients shift from departmental, point solutions to adopt enterprise wide counter fraud programs which transform decision making and achieve agility across people, process and systems for optimal results.

Fraud discovery assets are available to accelerate time to value: The portfolio of customizable, research-developed assets use analytics to retrospectively discover fraud, waste, abuse and errors in data intensive industries and functions. The assets are available across industries for enterprise-wide discovery. The fraud discovery assets will be available in the cloud, enabled by IBM SoftLayer, with focus on the following areas:

IBM will offer four levels of counter fraud as a service – including subscription based models for Hosting, Application Management, Behavior Modeling & Scoring and Analytics & Referral Generation – providing clients with flexible choices that match their business needs and technical requirements.

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