Case study: Waypoint Homes

Attracting higher quality candidates to support the business

During its rapid growth, Waypoint Homes selected IBM Talent Acquisition & Optimization for both IBM Recruitment Services and IBM Employment Branding, reducing cost-per-hire by 20 percent and decreasing time-to-fill for open jobs by 35 percent. By recruiting for culture fit, turnover rates also dropped 22 percent after several months.

Case study: Whirlpool

Optimizing the recruitment process with a strategic partner

With its business goals at the forefront, Whirlpool transformed its recruitment strategy by partnering with IBM Talent Acquisition & Optimization, achieving a 94 percent hiring manager satisfaction rate, significantly reducing time-to-fill and decreasing agency usage to less than one percent.

Case study: A leading global biotechnology company

Enhancing strategic talent acquisition and improving internal talent metrics

After reviewing top providers in the industry, a leading global biotechnology company selected IBM Talent Acquisition & Optimization based on its experience in designing and delivering complex, hybrid RPO models. The organization reduced agency usage from 78 percent to 63 percent, decreased time-to-fill from 75 days to 42 days and increased focus on strategic talent acquisition.

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Our approach to talent acquisition places your desired business outcomes at the forefront of your recruitment solution. Based on IBM's Design Thinking methodology, we can help you rethink how you approach talent acquisition and better achieve your business goals. It's an outcomes-based approach that no one else can deliver.

How it works

RPO by Design leverages the expertise of IBM Talent Acquisition & Optimization in recruiting, behavioral science and technology to design a recruitment solution based on your business outcomes. Our approach to talent acquisition is pure design thinking — begin with the outcomes your business needs, then design a solution to get you there. Your strengths, goals and culture, combined with our expertise, technology and innovation. We respond to where you are today and help you anticipate where you’re going tomorrow.

By optimizing each stage of the recruitment process, we can deliver better outcomes compartmentally and incrementally — optimizing outputs at every stage. Then by underpinning the entire process with analytics, we can leverage perspectives and insights to define optimal sourcing, selection and engagement strategies for each role and continually redefine talent acquisition to deliver optimal returns for your business.

Our core offerings

Our services are highly configurable and flexible to meet your needs wherever they sit in the talent acquisition lifecycle — from recruitment services to employment branding to talent consulting.

IBM Recruitment Services

IBM Recruitment Services offer an end-to-end recruitment solution for your organization — all the way from initial requisition to onboarding support. Whether you need help in sourcing and screening candidates during requisition intake, candidate generation and candidate screening, or want to outsource the entire process to also include interviewing, offer processing and new employee onboarding, we provide the solutions you need to optimize your recruitment process. As a top provider for complex, multi-country or regional hiring, we offer multiple languages, a global delivery footprint and the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs — making our end-to-end solutions best-in-class.

IBM Employment Branding

IBM Employment Branding provides solutions that help you understand and clearly communicate your authentic organizational culture. From cultural research and analysis to career site development to some of the latest social and digital attraction tools in the marketplace today, we can improve your recruitment and retention efforts to help you create a higher performing workforce. Our offerings can be used individually or combined together to express your employment brand and attract top talent for your business.

IBM Talent Acquisition Consulting Services

IBM Talent Acquisition Consulting Services help you optimize your recruitment strategy and overall talent attraction efforts. With in-house experts on everything from recruiting and onboarding strategy, ATS optimization, workforce demand planning, talent mobility, and analytics to process design, system implementation, organizational culture, or branding and social attraction, we can provide strategic consulting and insight that enhances the impact of your talent acquisition function.

Through the power of IBM Watson Recruitment, we can bring to life each of our core offerings and solve some of the biggest issues organizations face today, including workforce strategy, talent acquisition, market, competitor and engagement challenges. IBM Watson Recruitment offers four modules — Recruiter, Sourcing, Marketing and Labor Planning — to reshape how companies attract and find talent in today’s complex talent landscape.

The benefits

The world of talent acquisition is becoming more complex. It is our job to simplify it for you — and to engineer a solution that delivers outcomes to impact your organization. Our broad-based category expertise, global footprint and industry-leading approach enable us to transform the complexities of hiring into outcomes that matter for your business, including:

  • Smarter decision making: Hire better candidates and focus on the most important talent initiatives.
  • Employer of choice: Optimize the power of your employer brand.
  • Continuous innovation: Drive recruitment innovation with leading technologies.
  • Best-in-class experiences: Create and deliver exceptional end user experiences.
  • Time and cost savings: Generate cost savings and achieve process efficiencies.
  • Competitive advantage: Outperform the competition through higher quality hiring and analytics.

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