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IBM Payment Systems

IBM Payment Systems (IPS) is a global payment gateway and e-commerce checkout solution that integrates seamlessly into web sites, mobile sites, smart phone apps and call center tools.

An easy-to-use interface, combined with a fully localized payment checkout experience, implemented on a centralized platform, means global retailers can set up and manage a comprehensive local online payment solution quickly, easily and cost-effectively. This approach allows the shopping experience to be consistent across multiple devices, including mobile – enabling customers to buy your products and services, anywhere, anytime.

This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution from IBM Global Process Services runs on top of your existing platform, saving you time and money. By eliminating solution development, installation and maintenance costs as well as the responsibility of PCI compliance (the solution is Level 1 certified), IBM Payment Systems helps reduce your investment of time, money and IT spend.

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IBM Payment Systems integrates with IBM Smarter Commerce

Jacob Soerensen, offering owner for IBM Payment Systems, describes how this global payment solution integrates with IBM Smarter Commerce and the advantages of its localization and reconciliation capabilities.

Demo : Mobile Shopping App using IBM Payment Systems

Simulates in-store experience that allows shoppers to scan barcode and complete checkout. Uses mobile wallet to complete transaction with credit/debit card, a direct online bank transfer or Paypal. QR code is generated, which clerk scans to confirm payment.

IBM Payment Systems – global payment gateway and checkout – an e-commerce payment solution and service from IBM