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IBM HR Analytics

Make big data work for you with HR Analytics from IBM

IBM HR Analytics can help you take the guesswork out of your operations and answer these critical questions with confidence:

What’s happening in your organization? Why is it happening? And, most of all, how can you make sure that today’s decisions will yield the business outcomes you require tomorrow?

Whether your big data has become too big to sort out, or you’re ready to make greater use of data analysis to inform decision making, HR analytics solutions help deliver focused, standardized information and insights for your organization. By taking advantage of functionality such as “voice of the client” and operational HR analytics embedded in our Human Resources Outsourcing, Talent Management, Learning, and IBM Kenexa Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Employment Branding solutions, you can ensure that quantifiable HR measures and data are key drivers in your daily operations, decisions and strategies.

By helping you align your HR strategies with your organizational goals, our HR analytics solutions free you to run your HR like a business in which your employees are the most important assets. In addition to capturing transactional data about what’s happening in your business and operational data about why it’s happening, our HR analytics experts can help you bring it all together in an insightful, actionable format.

New! IBM Kenexa Talent Insights

Use Watson Analytics cognitive abilities to make strategic, fact-based HR decisions for driving business outcomes. Big data in HR — finding talent in the digital age

Let big data do the heavy lifting when it comes to pinpointing qualified in-house talent.

New study: CHROs look to analytics for gains

"Organizations with more analytics prowess are better able to tackle talent-related challenges." Learn how 342 CHROs told IBM they will meet new expectations for a new era.