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IBM Kenexa Employment Branding

Understanding and managing your company culture can often be overlooked when developing effective people strategies. However, when you uncover the facts, truths and personality of your organization, you can tell an authentic story of what it is like to work in your organization. Much like an external brand shapes the way customers think about your organization and its products, your internal brand does the same thing from a workforce perspective to aid in recruitment and retention efforts.

Your employment brand works in a similar way for candidates and employees as your external brand does for customers and stakeholders. It helps shape the way individuals think about your organization and what it is like to work there. It is the expression of who you are as employees and as an organization, and impacts how you deliver upon your mission and values. 

Developing and expressing a genuine story through your internal brand accomplishes a number of things in helping you create a higher performing workforce—setting the scene in creating an organizational culture that will help attract, connect with and retain top talent for your organization.

IBM Kenexa Employment Branding brings together the solutions that you need to tell your story internally and externally to attract and retain the right talent for your organization. Our Employment Branding solutions include cultural assessment tools, recruitment marketing and career site development, which can be used individually or combined together to authentically express your internal brand.

The IBM Kenexa Organizational Cultural Insight Survey provides clarity about the traits, personality, alignment and attitudes within your entire organization, while IBM Kenexa Recruitment Marketing can help you raise awareness with potential candidates and uncover places to reach passive candidates to better ensure your recruitment advertising and social media messages are placed in the right outlets. 

With our career site development solution, we can help you create an effective tool in communicating with potential candidates that portrays your company’s internal brand, explains your organizational culture and helps candidates to self-select in or out of the hiring process to improve the overall quality of candidate, and help enhance engagement and retention in your organization. Using cultural research, marketing experience and digital expertise, our Employment Branding solutions can help you connect to those individuals who are the right fit for your company. 

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IBM Kenexa Employment Branding

Learn how your company can tell its authentic story through organizational culture.

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