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IBM Kenexa Organizational Cultural Insight Survey

To identify and advance a genuine internal brand that you can use to tell the story of your organization, you first need to uncover your organization’s authentic story through culture research. Using cultural assessment tools, primary research and existing company data to reveal insights about your organization helps identify and pinpoint the facts, truths, strengths and weaknesses of your organization, which then aids in the expression of your story.

While employee assessments provide clarity about an individual, the IBM Kenexa Organizational Cultural Insight Survey provides clarity about the traits, personality, alignment and attitude within your entire organization. The Organizational Cultural Insight Survey is a cultural assessment survey that is used to uncover the facts, truths, strengths and weaknesses of your organization.

The results of this survey are combined with existing customer and company data, and qualitative research that is gathered through on-site interviews and focus groups. The consulting team then uses this data and research to identify and educate on the internal culture and personality of the organization, making recommendations on strengthening the corporate culture, building on weaker areas and attaining aspirational objectives through culture.

The outcome of this research leads to richer insights to define company culture and identify the strengths of your organization with a final model that states the facts and truths, overall company personality and the employee value proposition statement. Research is then presented to a dedicated team of creative specialists, and is messaged and packaged in unique ways that represent the research findings.

The employee value proposition, or cultural essence, represents the intersection of the rational facts and emotional truths in your company. It is the value an employee receives by working at an organization beyond compensation and benefits. The creative expression of the employee value proposition becomes a two-fold resource for your business—working to retain current employees and attract quality candidates.



Some of the benefits of using the Organizational Cultural Insight Survey include:

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