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Retail & Consumer Products

The Retail & Consumer Products industry is being impacted by major shifts in the marketplace, such as, massive growth in emerging markets, omni-channel retailing and the socially interconnected ‘intelligent’ consumer. The compelling needs to adapt and respond to these shifts are forcing companies to explore new ways to boost agility and effectiveness. Retail and Consumer Product companies are looking to partners to acquire industry leading best practices and transform their business operations.

IBM Global Process Services helps Consumer Products companies and Retailers to work smarter by intelligently transforming their business processes with analytics and innovative digital technologies.

Smarter Operations

We help our clients transform back office operations by setting-up a globalized operating model to simplify, standardize and optimize the end-to-end execution of back office processes. We offer an integrated operating model providing flexibility and scalability across multiple sites, processes and business unit organizations. We not only deliver significant cost savings, but we also contract to introduce automated technology to drive value, such as, improving working capital and accelerating cash into the business.

Specific focus areas are:

Operational Analytics Services

Implement the broad IBM analytics portfolio from IBM Software Group, IBM Research, cloud and consulting services to gain insights from existing and new sources of internal and third party retail & consumer data. We help you exploit customer insights to develop bundled product offers that can be targeted to improve long-term customer loyalty and gain higher sales conversions. Specific focus areas are:

We help clients embed analytics into procurement operations to identify savings opportunities, spot low hanging fruit across sourcing categories and improve procurement compliance. Key focus areas are:

Smarter Commerce Services

Our social, mobile, cloud solutions and deep industry knowledge help support new commerce capabilities that generate new opportunities for collaboration and best practices among retailers and their key trade partners. Specific focus areas are:

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