IDC examines how to meet
data center issues head-on

Data centre solutions and effective data centre management are skills that many organisations find difficult in implement solely using in-house staff. IDC recently surveyed over 250 IT managers and found that many reported their IT staff is not skilled enough to implement a private cloud. In another IDC survey, lack of in-house IT expertise is listed as a top challenge to virtualisation by over 22% of rspondents. These two data points indicate that for many IT organisations, the journey toward adding incremental value to the business will require external help.

Review the IDC information below to find out how using an IT service provider can help you solve your challenges and offer effective data centre solutions and management.

IDC The Value of Smarter Datacenter Services   Value of smarter datacenter services IBM

Start with IDC's Multimedia White Paper (US)on Smarter Data Centre Services -- it features IDC senior analyst Katherine Broderick as she presents the white paper highlights and key findings. You can view summaries of each chapter of the white paper on-line.

For more in-depth analysis and information, read the IDC whitepaper "The Value of Smarter Datacentre Services". IDC examines approaches for data centre rationalisation, consolidation and virtualization; and for cloud computing. These strategies can help organisations glean more value from their data centres now, while laying the foundation for future technological innovation. The paper also explores the value that IBM data centre services brings to organisations that lack the in-house expertise needed to design, build and maintain smarter data centres.


Web seminar agenda-'making your data center smarter'

Next, listen to the on-demand Web seminar (link resides outside of featuring Katherine Broderick, IDC senior analyst, Steve Sams, IBM vice president of Site and Facilities Services and Nancy Galietti, vice president of Information Technology at the National Football League (NFL) as they discuss data centre issues and how clients like the NFL are tackling these head-on with analytics-based services.

In the Web seminar, you'll learn the following:

These new approaches leverage analytics-based services to provide insight into your infrastructure to help your teams unleash greater business value. They help you implement a smarter data centre.

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