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Unleashing creativity, flexibility and speed

For some time CEOs have been refining and optimising their business management strategy, trying to find the best suppliers and partners. But something just as meaningful has been happening – the sudden convergence of the digital, social and mobile spheres – connecting customers, employees and partners in new ways to organisations and to each other. CEOs have the opportunity to show industry leadership and take the online environment into account in their business plan.

IBM surveyed more than 700 HR leaders from both mature and emerging markets and found that key gaps exist in the ability of their companies to develop future leaders, to rapidly develop and deploy workforce skills and capabilities, and to effectively collaborate and share knowledge.

Andi Britt, IBM, Organisation and People Service Area Leader, UK and Ireland will review the highlights of the study and then talk with a special guest, Alan Himmer, Global Head of Organisation Effectiveness and HR Transformation at British American Tobacco (BAT).

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Is your workforce prepared to seize opportunity in an increasingly borderless business environment? Are you building creative leaders, instilling speed and flexibility, and creating a prevailing culture of collaboration? Invest a few minutes to see how your answers to key questions compare to those of our survey respondents

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