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November-December 2013

Sourcing Advisers have been asking IBM to help them discover the wider IBM story. This regular update will provide you with information and details demonstrating IBM's commitment to innovation with special reference to its application in services at both local and global levels.

Adviser's Networking Event at IBM Southbank 4th December from 5pm

Join IBM and fellow advisers at a new and completely revised networking event this December at IBM Southbank. Speakers from across the IBM business will address topics such as understanding the IBM cloud portfolio, IBM experience with different risk models, what's happening in Global Process Services, IBM Watson and recent independent research sponsored by IBM on partnering strategies. Many of these will be in smaller breakout groups. A talk by the General Manager of Global Technology Services will reflect on the growing need for partnerships. The evening will round off with drinks and canapes, finishing around 8pm. If you'd like to join us, please register here.

Business leaders from some of world’s largest companies provide insight into “Challenges of the CEO”

How are Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) dealing with the challenges posed by today's competitive business environment, such as driving a successful change management programme; creating a global culture; and dealing with the ways in which technology is changing how businesses interact with customers?

These questions are answered by UK-based business leaders from several of the world’s largest companies, including Rolls Royce, BlackBerry and Barclays, in a new series of video interviews created by IBM Global Process Services (GPS) and Criticaleye, a third party networking organisation. You can listen to these fascinating interviews here:


Unilever’s Finance Transformation Story

This animated video brings to life the exciting story of Unilever and their European finance transformation, working with IBM Global Process Services. Consumer product companies are now facing serious and unprecedented challenges. Creating growth and innovation in such a difficult environment requires a new approach -- and strategic changes in business processes.

Unilever Europe was able to build a flexible and agile delivery model that not only created greater economies of scale but also helped drive future business development by building and sharpening their brand in markets around the globe. View the animated case study here:

YouTube: (YouTube, 00:04:57)

Redesigning Work Creates a Smarter Workforce

The following white paper defines how building a Smarter Workforce can help companies reduce time-to-hire, increase productivity, lower turnover and increase retention rates in a way that helps business win by getting its products to market faster, sharing collective knowledge and being more creative and innovative. These companies truly understand how employees impact the bottom line. It’s not just good business. It’s smart business. Because what’s good for people is good for business.

And this latest Smarter Workforce video (YouTube, 00:04:15) shares how we are reinventing how work works – a great insight into what it means to create a smarter workforce


IBM’s latest C-Suite Study rolls out

A new IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) study is published this month and draws on 23,000 interviews across the globe. In the past, IBV studies have carried out separate studies of different ‘C’-level roles. This year, the team looked across the senior decision-making suite and at their differences and teaming capabilities. IBM Watson technology has been applied to the data in order to draw inferences from some of the open-ended responses. The first report is called ‘The Customer Activated Enterprise’ and can be accessed here (US). Alternatively look for the ‘IBM IBV’ app in iTunes or Google Play.

An example of security and availability services – video case study

Brightsolid, based in Scotland, provides IT services to the publishing industry. This 6 minute case study explains how a modular datacenter build works. How do you put more and more power in smaller and smaller spaces? See here (YouTube, 00:06:55) for another viewpoint on what partnership means for services delivered on the client’s premises.

How to get from 60 servers to 6

Here’s a different video case study which considers what’s involved in a datacenter virtualisation project at one of the UK’s smaller insurance companies with an innovative outlook; Suffolk Life. Take a peek here (YouTube, 00:05:45).

SYNNEX Corporation to acquire IBM's customer care BPO business

In September IBM Corporation announced it had entered into a definitive agreement under which SYNNEX Corporation will acquire IBM's customer care BPO business and integrate it into their wholly owned Global Business Services subsidiary, Concentrix Corporation. Concentrix will become an IBM strategic business partner for global customer care business process outsourcing services.

Customer care business process outsourcing services include customer care for clients in more than 12 industries, as well as front and back office services for retail and commercial banking and policy administration and claims processing for life, annuity and health insurance. This partnership will accelerate the delivery of new capabilities to our clients, and will help optimise engagement with their customers, through increased flexibility, innovation and focus on world class solutions. The new business will provide speed and high-value interactions at every stage of the customer lifecycle through increased industry, geographic, and offering reach, along with increased investment in high value industry platforms

More information can be found at (US)


It's easy to talk to IBM. If you are an adviser working on an existing bid or planning to do so and would like to learn more about IBM in the sourcing field, please contact Ken Berry on 0800 206 1195 or visit his personal web page at (IE).