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IBM understands how today IT Managers are pressured to deliver far higher levels of IT performance to support business models which are highly dependant on IT. When downtime means lost orders or productivity this can really hurt your organisation yet IT budgets are always under pressure.

If you need to increase availability and simplify management with integrated support for your multi-product, multi-vendor hardware and software environment check out our most popular services.

Warranty Service Upgrade

Upgrades support levels above that provided by your basic IBM hardware warranty. Provides up to 24 x 7 protection. Get your systems up and running fast with over 30% of support calls fixed fast remotely and a 4 hour on-site target response should you need an IBM engineer..

Post Warranty Support on IBM and non IBM equipment

Hardware maintenance for machines that are no longer under the manufacturer's warranty. Support is available for IBM, HP, Sun, EMC, ePOS and ATMs, Cisco, Motorola and others to match your business needs and ranges from normal weekday business hours through to complete 24 x 365 cover.

Committed Services

Enhances the level of response above that of base hardware warranty and maintenance support with committed service levels. Committed services move hardware support to a higher level backed by service credits should we fail to meet the fix targets.

Support Line

Single-source phone or electronic support for your set-up, configuration and operational questions, problems or code defects on IBM operating systems, Windows, Linux. VMWare and Cisco equipment. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Gives IT staff access to prompt and accurate technical support.

Enhanced Technical Support

An integrated, proactive approach to support high-availability, complex IT environments. A designated team of technical support specialists can work as a remote extension of your IT staff. Using proprietary analytical tools, the team monitors your IT environment, including hardware, software and systems, and provides direction and advice based on ongoing reports.

IBM supports all sizes of organisations from single person businesses to multinationals.

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