Data Centre Migration Centre of Excellence

Data Centre Migration Centre of Excellence

In a market rife with merger and acquisition activity, you maybe considering how to integrate the associated IT for a new business acquisition into your data centre. Equally you could be impacted by government legislation which is forcing separation of IT environments, an example of which is the ring fencing of retail banking from investment banking. You could simply be considering how to streamline operations to become more efficient or how you can consolidate your data centre estate into fewer locations as a way to achieve savings and improve operations. All of these activities involve elements of Data Centre Migration.

Data Centre Migrations are often dismissed as a purely technical, almost trivial side-projects. However, with core business services reliant on IT, a Data Centre Migration can expose the business itself to significant risk. It is therefore essential to plan, manage and execute a Migration with the appropriate level of rigor and control to ensure the business can continue uninterrupted.

Utilising an end-to-end single integrated method and approach, which has been built from a wealth of experience in planning, managing and performing Data Centre Migrations worldwide, the IBM Data Centre Migration Centre of Excellence (DCMCoE) can help you to reduce risk, minimise any impact on your business and deliver the migration project on time and to budget.

The IBM DCMCoE is a community of experts across Global Technology Services based in the UK with a wealth of migration knowledge and experience. They apply tried-and-tested methodologies that reduce risk, and ensure the business continues uninterrupted.

The IBM DCMCoE has successfully completed a number of complex data centre migration with clients across a range of industries, and has a significant amount of experience in high risk projects within Financial Services Sector.

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