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Analytics: The real world use of big data

The term “big data” has been used to convey all sorts of ideas, including: huge quantities of data, social media analytics, next generation data management capabilities, real-time data, and much more.

Whatever the label, organizations are starting to understand and explore how to utilize such solutions to process and analyze a vast array of information in new ways. In doing so, a small, but growing group of pioneers is achieving breakthrough business outcomes.

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  • Leveraging the cloud in Media and Entertainment: How to use its power for business innovation

Cloud significantly expands the reach and availability of a wide variety of data and content, allowing consumers to share commercial and user-generated content across devices. Cloud's game changing attributes are revolutionizing the media value chain, and forcing media executives to adapt their business models at an unprecedented rate.

Featured Industry Thought Leadership

  • Accelerating economic growth and vitality thorugh smarter public safety management

Public safety systems affect well-being, quality of life and economic prosperity. Yet, in the face of escalating crime, natural disasters and security threats, many systems are ill-eqiupped to protect the citizens they were created to serve. New competencies are needed for governments and agencies to be better positioned to improve public safety and enable enhanced growth and vitality.

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Evaluate business process performance using open standards for benchmarking
Our benchmarking data is built around a common, cross-industry Process Classification Framework, which means that business performance can be objectively evaluated.

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People want to take a more active role in managing their healthcare – both to reduce costs and improve their quality of life. Device makers have a great opportunity to fulfill this need...

For companies that are struggling to get an end-to-end view of their global supply chains, taking command of multi-enterprise visibility issues in ways that combine real-time information, event processing, and advanced analytics may provide the answer.

Despite increasing attention to alternative energy sources, the world can't forget about oil and gas, as it struggles to meet ever-rising demand for clean and affordable energy.

Health Care Of The Future: Non-Invasive Blood Tests, Brain-Connected Avatars, Digital Pill Boxes.

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The more knowledge people had about Electric Vehicles (EVs), the more viable an option it became. The EV industry has to continue to educate consumers about why this is a viable product.

The ability of Watson technology to make the daily commute faster and safer

According to a recent study by IBM’s Institute for Business Value, there’s a significant divide between how companies want to leverage social media channels, and how their customers use them.

Technology-savvy and demanding, the new smarter consumer is an important demographic, explains Melissa Schaefer, from IBM’s Institute For Business Value. She reveals how to capture this new breed of shoppers.

If someone were to text “DTWD” would you understand the acronym? A growing number of commuters are refusing to heed the call to “Don't Text While Driving.”