Operations and supply chain

Improve your operating model and interconnect end-to-end supply chain functions to optimize process efficiencies.

Combating risk with predictive intelligence - An analytical approach to enterprise risk management

Rethinking risk management and strategic planning to deal more effectively with the new era of heightened global risk needs to become a top priority. By using advanced methodological and analytical frameworks – early warning systems, scenario planning and predictive intelligence – companies can learn to avoid, address or quickly recover from major risk events.

Operational efficiency is central to survival and success in today's rapidly changing market, and affects revenues, costs, customer service and compliance.

IBM's operations strategy consultants deliver business outcomes through end to end process design and continuous improvement. Our comprehensive supply chain management offerings address every phase of the supply chain, from design to distribution.

Operations and supply chain business value accelerators

BPM empowers business and IT to embrace change and continuously optimise key business processes. Analyse, envision and plan for a BPM implementation by developing a business case and technical roadmap.

From acquisition through operation, management, support and disposal, corporate assets have a direct impact on corporate balance sheets and operations. Analyse your asset management business practices and identify areas of potential improvement.


Operations Strategy
Translate your business strategy or Target Operating Model into an operational strategy. Use Lean principles to improve processes, perhaps as part of a wider transformation or technology delivery programme.

Optimise third-party spend and develop value from long term or complex supplier relationships through engagement techniques and innovative contracting.

Product Lifecycle Management
Capture knowledge and information to optimize your design chain, from product design definition to product visibility and simulation and bill of materials management.

Visibility and Planning
Improve your end-to-end supply chain through optimisation, visibility and planning.

Asset Management
Transform the management of your assets across their lifecycle to deliver performance improvement across asset classes.


Case Studies

Essex County Council creates an innovative joint venture and transforms its business model with guidance from IBM Global Business Services

GS1: £1 billion savings opportunity for UK grocery industry with analytics and retail expertise from IBM

Southwest One Strategic Procurement Service tasked to deliver £200 million in cost savings over 10 years