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Customers are demanding better service, more convenience and more personalised communications, and businesses must maximise every interaction with their customers across multiple channels to drive loyalty and preference.

Marketing science: from descriptive to prescriptive

The marketing profession has long relied on data. But as the terabytes grow, progressive marketers are turning to science. They’re using systematic observation, testing and measurement to study broad behavioral patterns, drill down from the aggregate to the individual and produce new insights that can improve business outcomes. Doing this effectively, though, means mastering three capabilities – architecting data, applying science and influencing action.

Marketing science: From descriptive to prescriptive

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Customers. Data. Social media. Skills.

Get started with Marketing Business Value Accelerators

This assessment delivers a comprehensive vision and roadmap for a data driven marketing and sales organisation as well as short term, problem focused data analysis to prove fast value and help you evaluate possibilities

Rapidly develop a omni-channel strategy that reflects current customer trends and priorities. This channel strategy initiative focuses on defining key characteristics of target customer experience, revised channel mix, role of each channel (high level), and key capabilities.

Capitalise on pervasive change to define a new path to value for marketing using the Smarter marketing accelerator. This accelerator is designed to help you envision the future of customer interactions and the marketing capabilities required to capture value. Through this engagement we analyse your current state against a future vision, identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in marketing performance, and design the path to value based on prioritisation of business capabilities and return on investment.

Increase customer insight and responsiveness and capitalise on collective intelligence (internal & external) for faster innovation. This short term strategy consulting engagement will help your organisation build a roadmap for people, organisational, and technological change. Assess your capabilities for Social channel exploitation using our Maturity Model of Best Practice and define the initiatives and priorities that will help you to deliver on your objectives.

Today empowered customers are driven by technology and transparency, expect products, services, and content on demand and their experiences tailored to their context and their preferences. Many organisations understand this, but are struggling to make the first steps on the journey. The Smarter Commerce Maturity Assessment benchmarks key capabilities and prioritises where to focus efforts to drive specific business outcomes.

We know that clients are very aware of the importance of Mobility, but have key concerns: How to achieve initial “wins” which are both quick and sustainable in the long term, what are the best architectures, tools and methods and how to ensure mobility brings value to the business. To help address these questions we have developed a portfolio of three BVAs, which complement each other and offer increasing depth of analysis and insight - a Mobility Discovery Day workshop (1 day), Made for Mobile Assessment (5 days) and Mobile Strategy Accelerator (4-8 weeks)


Customer and Channel Transformation
Use both traditional and digital channels to deliver a customer experience which generates customer loyalty and value.

Technology-enabled CRM Transformation
Reinvent customer relationships by transforming the customer’s experience of marketing, sales and service. We cover all aspects of technology delivery for customer, front office, billing and payments.

Case Studies

Nationwide transforms its core banking, service and business capabilities
Since go-live, Nationwide has already launched two new current bank accounts with more to come – making the Society a serious challenger to UK banks.
Read the IBM - Nationwide case study (1.64MB)

Merlin Entertainments boosts online ticket sales with a global eCommerce solution
Read IBM - Merlin Entertainments case study (566KB)

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