IBM Consulting Services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a highly flexible customer relationship management (CRM) platform that can adapt, grow, and scale with your business. IBM Global Business Services offers strategically configured CRM solutions that are tailored to specific industry processes. IBM’s CRM transformation solutions can help you enhance revenue, improve customer experience and reduce costs.


The current economic environment is driving a greater need for an integrated view of return on investment (ROI) from spends on marketing and sales. Also, the increasingly technology savvy customer is more demanding than ever, requiring organizations to be nimble and intelligent in using analytics to understand them better and respond effectively. Current tools being used by a majority of larger and midsize organizations are often disparate and inflexible, and therefore inefficient.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Power your Productivity

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps organizations attain a 360-degree view of customers, achieve reliable user adoption, adapt quickly to business change and accelerate project delivery and returns. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is fully integrated with Microsoft Office Outlook, and equips users with access to customer information through a familiar Microsoft Outlook® experience, which helps ensure rapid adoption and fast results.

Sales: Win More Deals
Spend more time on selling and less time on administrative tasks with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Take advantage of full lead to cash visibility, lead and opportunity tracking, streamlined approvals, and real-time sales forecasts to drive increased sales output and higher close rates.

Customer Service: Increase loyalty
Provide compelling customer service experiences that build customer loyalty with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Empower your people with tools that simplify case management, streamline escalations, improve knowledge sharing, and enable more effective account management, all while helping to contain service costs.

Marketing: Maximize Marketing ROI. Provide your marketing professionals with flexible segmentation tools, simplified campaign management capabilities, intuitive response tracking, and insightful analytics to improve your marketing effectiveness

How IBM Can Help

IBM and Microsoft collaborative CRM solutions can help you improve customer experience, enhance revenue and reduce costs. Based on our decades of experience helping our clients with business strategy, we can ensure your CRM transformation initiatives are aligned with your organizational objectives and strategic intent. IBM has deep industry expertise, business strategy and program governance experience and template management skills along with tools and methodologies for accelerated deployment of Microsoft solutions. IBM has end-to-end capabilities in CRM, from visioning to creating the strategy to defining roadmap for implementation, execution and analytics for assessment. Organizations benefit from our Microsoft technology expertise and our ability to offer infrastructure, hardware, software and financing that make complete business solutions for your business needs. IBM application management services can ensure that your applications are optimized, responsive and available to users when they need them.

Why IBM?

IBM GBS is the largest CRM consulting practice in the world. IBM has several thousand experienced consultants with years of industry and consulting experience spanning CRM and information technology. Gartner has ranked IBM as a leader in CRM services for the past 9 consecutive years. Unlike smaller regional systems integrators who often find it difficult to manage complex or global projects and struggle with scalability, IBM has the expertise, global presence and scale to help your business grow. Our experts not only understand the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, but also have the process and industry experience to address your particular challenges and needs.

IBM has the longest standing and strongest alliance with Microsoft: IBM’s Microsoft practice has been a member of the Microsoft Certified Partner program since 1995 and IBM today is one of the largest globally managed Microsoft partners. IBM is a recognized Microsoft technology leader -- our solutions include the entire suite of Microsoft products and technologies. IBM is also the only firm involved in joint development with Microsoft on .NET industry based standards and high-end clustering solutions at the IBM Kirkland Lab. IBM has several thousands of Microsoft skilled resources in our global Microsoft Practice/Partners and over 75% of our consultants are Microsoft Certified.