IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+

Managed cloud services for your enterprise infrastructure

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Business-centric SLAs that align to your specific business and usage requirements

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ offers four options for service-level packages. Unlike most cloud providers, our options consist of two components: virtual machine (VM) availability and infrastructure services. The VM availability SLA is measured as the uptime availability of the individual virtual machine to support the desired workload.

As you move up the package options (for example, from silver to gold), the next option includes all of the available options of the previous package.

Many cloud environments focus only on automating the VM provisioning, leaving the preparation of the environment to the end user or manual processes. These services also focus only on the minutes required to activate a VM. But it takes time to turn a cloud environment into a security-rich, robust and stable environment. IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ combines the experience of IBM with investments in automation to deliver that environment in hours when it normally takes weeks.