Tivoli Live - monitoring services

Enable application and availability monitoring while controlling IT costs


Monitoring your applications and infrastructure for availability and performance becomes more critical as your IT infrastructure grows. You need to proactively deal with issues, but the high cost of investing in and maintaining monitoring hardware and software is a significant challenge. IBM Tivoli® Live - monitoring services offers flexible, configurable, self-service remote IT monitoring and performance services-based on industry-leading Tivoli software-at a very affordable price.


Unavailable applications, increased infrastructure downtime and resulting productivity loss may be costing your business money. You need to deploy affordable infrastructure health and performance monitoring capabilities, without investing in additional hardware, software or administrative staff.

IBM Tivoli Live - monitoring services provides proactive monitoring, alerts, performance and capacity reporting, as well as dynamic reporting for your IT infrastructure, servers, applications, and network devices. This software-as-a-service offering is based on industry-leading Tivoli software and is hosted at an IBM delivery center offering global reach and around-the-clock support. You can choose from the following types of services, which are flexible, configurable and easily accessible through the Internet:

Our offering is based on a subscription payment software-as-a-service model. You choose and pay for only what your business needs-making our service very affordable. Plus, we include access to Tivoli documentation and best practices, which leverage IBM expertise and help you to optimize your infrastructure performance and availability.

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  • Kenneth Berry

    Kenneth Berry

    Lead Development Rep for Global Technology Services, UKI