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Optimize your storage environment to help reduce costs and improve efficiency

In today’s era of rapid data and IT growth, you need to get the most out of your storage environment. Storage optimization and integration services from IBM offer a consultative approach to help improve your storage infrastructure. Our services are designed to consolidate or eliminate devices, improve tiering, and increase the effective capacity of your storage. In addition, we can virtualize your storage environment to help you reduce costs and scale to address business demands. And by applying intelligent data analytics to your storage infrastructure, you can better manage data throughout its full lifecycle.

Optimize storage assets

Get more out of your existing technology while laying a foundation for the future

Help reduce costs

Reclaim unused storage space and help resolve inefficiencies for improved savings

Support efficient allocation

Establish standards that can be used to optimize provisioning, backup, replication and archiving

Understand the issues

The duty of storage

Laura Richardson discusses the duty of storage to serve the needs of the business in the most cost-effective manner possible.


Lower the cost of storage by simplifying how it’s requested

Inefficient storage management is often marked by over-provisioning, inaccurate tiering and high costs. Efficiency depends on process standardization, but establishing the necessary governance framework can be complex and costly. Laura Richardson, IBM storage services technology executive, discusses IBM’s Intelligent Storage Service Catalog (ISSC) and the cost and efficiency benefits of making storage requests predictable and repeatable.

Understand the options

A blueprint for smarter storage management

Optimizing the storage environment with automation and analytics

Is there a cost-wise way to manage the exponential demand for storage?

IT has all hands on deck trying to manage the huge volume and velocity of data, but Barry Becker, IBM director, data center services center of excellence describes how Storage Infrastructure Optimization can help. Find out how it is helping to reduce storage costs – up to 20-25% savings in one year and up to 50% savings over 3-5 years.

Storage consolidation and virtualization services

Helps you consolidate over-allocated and unused storage space and virtualize your storage environment. Using an end-to-end approach, IBM storage specialists can identify storage management inefficiencies and reconfigure your storage environment to help improve utilization

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