Storage optimisation and integration services

Reduce complexity, boost performance and manage data growth with a cost-effective, scalable and resilient storage infrastructure.


Today's IT organizations face increasing complexity that threatens efficiency and drives up costs. Multiple technology platforms, lack of effective tools and too little process-or too much-make it difficult to support the ever-changing needs of business applications. Add explosive data growth and increasing performance demands and a vicious cycle begins-one that makes it difficult to achieve objectives within budget.

IBM's Storage Optimization and Integration services - and the methods, tools and software we bring to bear - have been designed and developed around a holistic "full lifecycle" understanding of what it takes to deliver enterprise storage solutions. Our solutions include:

IBM's unique services model leverages hardened tools, methods and software (like those acquired from Novus Consulting Group and Softek in 2007) to provide the highest possible value to you. We add to this our "unmatched size and worldwide scope of storage service delivery capabilities" (Gartner Magic Quadrant, 2008) to provide a truly best-in-class services team.

IBM makes it easy to get started. We offer many fixed-price, results-oriented services that allow you to see business results as you invest with us. Contact us at the top right of this page.

What We Offer

Storage optimization and integration services - storage consolidation

Achieve improved utilization of storage and sharing of data across servers and clients while helping to lower the risks

Storage optimization and integration services - storage virtualization

Leverage the technical expertise and experience of IBM to design and build an integrated, virtualized storage solution that can help increase storage utilization rates, simplify storage management and support changing workload conditions with greater flexibility

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