Storage and data
managed services

Leverage the expertise and pre-integrated storage
and data management solutions of a service provider
who can manage the environment on your behalf.


Are you looking to leverage the expertise, processes, tools and preintegrated solutions of a world-class IT provider - without significant up-front investments? Look to IBM. We can help relieve the burden of maintaining an effective, efficient storage and data environment. And IBM services can help you meet security, data availability, regulatory compliance, and cost and performance objectives, while scaling to meet your business demands.

IBM provides essential storage management services and on demand storage capacity - with usage-based pricing - developed and preintegrated into standard capabilities. The core activities we offer include provisioning, monitoring, change management, chargeback, archiving, backup and recovery.

IBM Storage and Data Managed Services allows you to benefit from well-structured, high-quality operations for your storage management foundation. The services can help you:

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