Software Maintenance for AIX operating systems

Maintain your AIX operating system through updates and 24/7 support

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Now, you can get the optimum level of support and flexible, single-source contract options with IBM Software Maintenance for AIX. Available through our ServiceSuite™ offering for clients who purchase a new IBM server or who want to upgrade their existing operating system levels, this service offers a one-year minimum of Software Maintenance.

IBM Software Maintenance is also available for Licenced Program Products (LPPs) which run on the IBM Power Systems platform including IBM System p.


Purchase options

Already have a Support Line or Software Subscription contract? We make it easy for you to migrate to this service, with no cancellation charges. Or, if you prefer, allow your existing Support Line or Subscription contract to run to expiration and then convert to IBM Software Maintenance for AIX.

*The first year of Software Maintenance must still be purchased with the hardware product purchase - years two and beyond may be purchased as multiyear contracts and/or renewals via ServiceSuite.

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    Kenneth Berry

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