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Data migration is often needed for technology refreshes, infrastructure optimization projects, consolidations and relocations. Your goal is minimal business disruption, but data migrations can be complex and may cause application outages.

Softek Transparent Data Migration Facility (TDMF®) host-based software helps you nondisruptively migrate data at the volume/block level, locally or over a distance, between multivendor storage subsystems and with support for multiple platforms.

Data Migration with IBM Softek TDMF

Organizations today require migration of data with minimal disruption. The explosive growth in data, continuous application availability requirements, vendor or size incompatibilities between source and target systems, and time and budget constraints further amplify the challenge of data migration. While typically migration projects are performed during nonpeak periods, today's competitive on-demand environment means that applications need to stay continuously available and online.

IBM Data Mobility Services with Softek Transparent Data Migration (TDMF®) is a standardized toolset that is designed to be easy to install and use, and can support data migrations on Microsoft® Windows®, UNIX®, Linux® and IBM z/OS® platforms. Softek TDMF also supports data migration across multivendor storage environments, locally or over a distance.

Softek TDMF is a proven solution for heterogeneous environments and is ideal for technology refresh, storage optimization, storage consolidation and relocation projects. Because no additional hardware, prerequisite software or firmware is required, you can perform data migrations in less time with reduced cost and greater ease.

IBM Data Mobility Services provides the services and software to help your organization minimize outages and risks while reducing costs associated with migrating data in both open systems and mainframe environments. Available as a bundled service offering or as stand-alone software, this solution includes:

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