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IBM is a leader in analytics-based services. This interactive tool show how your data centre may benefit. Start now (US).IBM is a leader in analytics-based services. This interactive tool show how your data centre may benefit. Start now (US).

IT demands are increasing. Budgets remain flat and 70 percent of every IT dollar is spent on managing the current data centre environment. But smarter data centres are responding faster to change—and transforming operational costs. That’s because new analytics-based services provide the capability to gain new insights into data centre operations and actively monitor and manage for continual improvement. Bottom line: Nothing beats analytics for improving data centre management.

By transforming insights into action, analytics-based services can help you:

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  • Evaluating solutions

    In this white paper, The Value of Smarter Data Centre Services (PDF, 373KB), IDC offers an overview of how IT organisations can optimise their data centres to obtain value now while building the foundation for future IT innovation. Strategies for rationalisation, consolidation, virtualisation and cloud computing are all discussed.

  • See what others have done

    Xcel Energy fuels conservation efforts with a cost-saving high-density zone data centre. Confronted with aging systems and data centre design limitations, an energy provider seeks a highly efficient cooling solution to support a systems refresh—without a data centre redesign. Read how (PDF, 146KB).


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