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Enhance business agility, cost efficiency and security with cloud computing built for IT professionals

An enterprise virtual machine infrastructure on the cloud provides an alternative to traditional in-house deployment of hardware, software and network services. It can help you address the challenges of increasing labor and capital costs, lengthy development times and quality concerns.

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise is built on an agile cloud infrastructure designed to provide you with access to security-rich, enterprise-class virtual server environments that you can leverage for development, test and other dynamic workloads to help reduce labor and capital costs, shorten development times and improve quality.



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Service details

Setting up and maintaining an IT infrastructure while meeting the needs of a dynamic business environment and agile application development teams can be challenging. The up-front capital expenses and operational costs are high, and infrastructures are often poorly utilized and difficult to reallocate across applications and projects. The arduous tasks of procuring, configuring and maintaining hardware and software environments are often manual, leading to high labor costs and an increased risk of errors due to inaccurate configurations. Finally, you need to maintain a security-rich solution that can support end users and teams, regardless of whether they are located across town or around the globe. Cloud computing can help you cope with these challenges, plus it can help you respond to unpredictable workloads and reduce application development and deployment cycle times.

With IBM SmartCloud Enterprise, you can more rapidly access the IT resources you need and pay for them only when you need them. When you use virtualized resources provided by IBM SmartCloud Enterprise, you have no infrastructure to maintain and you can avoid up-front capital expenses as well as reduce your overall operating costs. You can also set up new server environments in minutes as opposed to weeks while improving quality by reducing configuration errors. You can also create custom images and virtual machine (VM) configurations that can be shared with others within your organization. IBM’s software development organization has experienced approximately 50 percent in operational cost savings and 30 percent in quality improvements using a cloud approach.¹ Built to support the needs of large and mid-sized enterprises, this standardized agile cloud infrastructure can provide a security-rich environment that is ready for business.

¹ Based on results from IBM's Technology Adoption Program, in which an internal "Collaboration Innovation" cloud was developed using IBM technology. The solution has more than 100,000 participants. Results vary depending on the customer's existing environment. Final results can only be ascertained after a return on investment analysis.

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