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Leverage cloud computing for security-rich desktop virtualisation


Traditional desktop environments are time-consuming and expensive to support and secure. But you may be concerned that virtualising your desktops requires expertise you do not have in house and could disrupt end-user productivity.

IBM Smart Business Desktop can help accelerate virtualisation of your desktop environment with a range of cloud computing options that can streamline support to help control costs and enable security-rich access to corporate applications and data.


For many organisations, the desktop remains among the most visible, most used components in their IT infrastructure. However, it can also be one of the most expensive to deploy, refresh and support. As end users move toward greater workplace mobility, their need for secure, anytime, anywhere access to corporate applications and data grows. Yet transitioning to a virtualised environment from traditional desktops can be a time-consuming effort, often requiring specialised skills that are not readily available in house.

IBM Smart Business Desktop can help accelerate your transition to a less complex, virtualised desktop environment, leveraging a cloud computing infrastructure. End users can have faster, security-rich access to resources, helping to improve their productivity and increasing business flexibility. With comprehensive services, including assessment and planning, design and implementation, as well as subscription-based cloud hosting, we can address your unique needs. You can derive the benefits without having to invest resources and expertise needed for ongoing management of a virtualised environment.

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