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The challenges of the CEO

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The Challenges of the CEO

The Criticaleye Filmed Interview Series, in association with IBM Global Process Services, is a collection of one-on-one interviews with current business leaders on the subject of 'Challenges of the CEO'. The interviews took place with either Jason Dies, General Manager Europe, IBM GPS or Sandy Khanna, Vice President, Global Practice Leader, F&A and SCM Services, IBM GPS in attendance, and explored the operational, strategic, cultural and personal challenges that the interviewees and their organisations are facing locally and globally. The candid answers captured in this series give a transparent insight into the mindset of leaders from some of the world's largest companies.

The series of interviews took place with Andrew Heath (Rolls Royce), Stephen Bates (BlackBerry), Ashok Vaswani (Barclays), Paul Budge (Bunzl), Simon Calver (Mothercare), Paul Molyneux (Sharp Europe), Paul Matthews (Standard Life), and Phil Smith (Cisco UK and Ireland).

Each interview can be viewed by selecting one of the above tabs.

Paul Molyneux, President and CEO, Sharp Electronics (Europe)

Paul Molyneux, President and CEO, Sharp Electronics (Europe) met with Sandy Khanna, Vice President, Global Practice Leader of F&A and SCM Services, IBM GPS.


Q1. What are the biggest challenges you face as a Divisional CEO?

Watch the video (00:03:29)

Q2. How important is it for an organisation to have a global culture?

Watch the video (00:02:39)

Q3. In terms of operations, what should be handled globally, regionally or locally?

Watch the video (00:03:12)

Q4. How do your expectations of change programmes differ in good and bad times?

Watch the video (00:03:52)

Q6. How has your leadership style changed since becoming a CEO?

Watch the video (00:02:35)

Q7. How do you balance the use of data with 'gut feel' in decision-making?

Watch the video (00:02:37)

Q8. What are your key pieces of advice to upcoming CEOs?

Watch the video (00:02:23)

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