Server Managed

Processes and planning for an innovative,
productive computing environment

Establish a scalable, cost-effective IT infrastructure for mission-critical applications to support business initiatives and growth

Server infrastructures are becoming more complex than ever. Your business may be facing pressure to minimize up-front capital expenditures while accessing newer technologies. IBM Server Managed Services leverages processes, tools and methodologies developed by IBM—as well as our experience managing more than 200,000 servers worldwide. Our services can help you establish a collaborative, innovative computing environment to support your business while controlling costs. With Server Managed Services, you can increase infrastructure stability, server availability and operational efficiency. We can help you enhance service-level visibility and management, while improving the effectiveness of internal chargeback mechanisms.

What we offer


Remote managed infrastructure services (US)

Supporting efficient, cost-effective server management through a scalable delivery model


Tivoli Live – monitoring services (US)

Enable application and availability monitoring while controlling IT costs


IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ (US)

Enable infrastructure as a service (IaaS) with reduced risk to drive growth

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